INSTRUCTION: Getting on the journey to your dream marriage Copy

Let’s “begin with the end in mind”, asking where you want to go in your marriage. We will study the four stages most couples go through to get the marriage they dream about.

In this session we will learn to use two tools. One to help you formulate your mutual vision as a couple (Relationship Vision), and the other is a dialogue tool that will lay an important foundation for all that is ahead (Appreciation Dialogue). If you haven’t printed out two copies of the Couples Toolbox, click on the link and do that now.

Let’s get going! Have fun!

Watch the video then discuss it together with the questions below:


  1. Of the four stages of marriage presented, where is your relationship right now?
  2. Share what it means to you to make this commitment to build the marriage of your dreams.
  3. Make the commitment! Look at each other and tell each other (in your own words), “I’m committed to getting through the power struggle and building the marriage our dreams.” Ask your partner, “Will you join me?”
  4. After you have shared your commitment with each other, stand up and give each other a one-minute full-body hug. I’m serious. Do it! Time it and make sure it’s one minute. I’ll explain more about how important this is later.

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