Are you feeling stuck in your marriage? Having trouble communicating? Fighting over money issues or parenting styles? Frustrated in a sexless marriage?  

I’m a relationship coach with over 30 years of experience working with couples. Below are some of the best ways I can help:


This six-week course consists of 20 videos and 12 powerful relationship tools that will help you build the marriage of your dreams. Watch the video for details.

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In this four-hour workshop, couples will learn how to dissolve barriers to intimacy and connect at a deeper level. They will also learn a powerful tool that will help them rekindle romance and passion for each other. Watch the video for details.

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Conflicts provide an opportunity for a deeper connection. Imago Relationship Therapy can help couples identify the barriers keeping them from a close and intimate connection. Imago therapy tools will help couples experience a breakthrough where tensions are resolved, intimacy is recovered, and misdirected anger is transformed into passionate love. Click here to learn more.

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    A man and woman are looking at each other.
    How to RECONNECT a disconnected relationship
    How to REKINDLE a relationship gone cold
    A man and woman smiling for the camera.
    How to RE-ENVISION your relationship as a partnership for healing and growth

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