Effective Team Relationships

A group of people holding hands on top of papers.

What is “Effective Team Relationships”?

A workshop designed to help you build a corporate culture where…

  • The conditions are safe
  • No one withdraws, everyone engages
  • No one is unfairly aggressive
  • A mutual purpose drives every decision
  • Mutual respect is maintained
  • Results are achieved

What are the benefits of an Effective Team Relationships workshop?

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Decreased costs
  • Employees are more likely to speak up and resolve problems rather than avoid them
  • Passive-aggressive behavior among employees can be reduced

What does the workshop look like?

SESSION 1: MUTUALITY (Unleashing the synergy of mutual purpose and respect)

SESSION 2: SAFETY (Making it safe enough to talk about almost anything)

SESSION 3: SELF-CONTROL (Controlling myself so I can influence others)

SESSION 4: TALKING (Speaking in a way that is influential rather than offensive)

SESSION 5: LISTENING (Benefiting from the contributions of others and keeping them engaged and motivated)

SESSION 6: RECONNECTING (Recovering when respect is violated or intentions are misunderstood)

SESSION 7: RESULTS (Getting what I really want for myself, for others, and for my organization)

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