How the message of God’s kingdom really is “good news”

If you’ve been around Christians for any time at all you’ve probably heard about the “good news” – the gospel message of “Salvation in Jesus Christ”. Usually they are referring to the forgiveness of sin and eternal life that Jesus paid for by his death on the cross. That is really good news! And it’s true that forgiveness and eternal life are at the very foundation of the Christian message. However, there is even more to this “good news”!

God’s salvation also includes things like healing of sickness and disease, deliverance from torment and addictions, and healing of relationships.

The message Jesus proclaimed was called the “gospel of the kingdom”. Matthew 4:23 says, “And Jesus went about…preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people.”

The good news of God’s kingdom is that eternal life begins right now! And that this message is not just about going to heaven some day, but about bringing heaven to earth right now.

Jesus said, “the kingdom of God (or ‘the kingdom of heaven’ – same idea) is at hand” (Mark 1:15). He was announcing that God’s kingdom is present and within reach right now!

“Kingdom” means the “king’s domain”. That refers to any place where Jesus is acknowledged as Lord, and where people willingly submit to him.

Wherever this happens, God works powerfully to change the situation on earth until it looks like it does in heaven. Since there is no sickness in heaven, when this kingdom comes, physical illness receives divine healing; emotional torment is relieved by a peace that goes beyond human understanding; oppression and poverty is replaced by hope and a road to freedom and true prosperity. When people yield their lives to Jesus, things shift until the situation on earth mirrors the reality of heaven. In Matthew 12:28 Jesus said, “But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you.”

Christians readily understand this reality in relation to the forgiveness of sin. Most would agree that when the kingdom of God comes upon an unbelieving person, there is the gift of repentance. God opens their eyes to see their sin, gives them grace to confess and turn from it, and to receive forgiveness and new life. But what some of us have missed is that this same good news also applies to physical healing and deliverance from evil powers. Sickness is to the body what sin is to the soul and God’s salvation dealt with both.

As we share this gospel of the kingdom with others, there is a collision of two worlds. When these two opposite powers meet, God’s kingdom always wins. Evil powers are no match for God’s power. Just like darkness is no match for light. If there’s light, darkness cannot exist. When light comes into the room darkness always flees. When we share the gospel of the kingdom the inferior reality must always bow to the superior reality.

Being a Christian means having the privilege and obligation to live a life of faith where we continually access the reality of heaven in order to see it invade the afflictions and circumstances of our world. There is not a problem on earth today that does not have its solution in the kingdom of God. Everything that a person could ever desire is found in this kingdom. And it’s up to us to bring these solutions to others in such a way that they encounter God’s love and power and enter into their own personal relationship with him. How do we do that? Through our prayers and declaration of truth and the promises of God.

As more and more people put their faith in Jesus, God’s kingdom will continue to expand, until, eventually, all nations will enjoy the blessings and riches of God’s salvation. That’s when Jesus will return for a victorious church and deliver on his promise of eternal life.

Join us in this unstoppable movement! Start by putting your faith in Jesus Christ, and experience the good news of his kingdom which, according to Jesus, is present and within reach right now to meet whatever need you may have.

Author: Chuck Starnes

Chuck Starnes is a relationship coach who is passionate about helping couples find the safety, connection, passion and full-aliveness they are looking for together. He also helps organizations become more productive by improving relationship and communication skills.